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3-21 NoKiddin' Gambling Addiction Recovery Podcast

Bobbie Malatesta

Bobbie the Awesome discusses gambling addiction, self care and recovery strategies for problem gambling. Raising awareness around gambling addiction has become a passion for Bobbie as she continues her daily journey away from a bet while striving to be a better human. You will gain education about gambling disorder, various addictions and be exposed to different methods for recovery, abstinence and a better way of living for both the addict and loved ones, through Bobbie's experience and the expertise of her guests. This is not a one size fits all process so exploration of tools for optimal mental and physical health will be discussed. The show is combination of interviews with both addicts and authorities on health and wellness. Addiction is a growing problem and awareness is paramount. Hit subscribe to follow Bobbie's own journey and education surrounding this devastating issue.If you want to participate in the "Give Up Gambling" email Challenge- click belowhttps://www.321nokiddin.com/30-day-give-up-gambling-challenge