3-21 NoKiddin' Gambling Addiction Recovery Podcast

My Biggest Mistake

May 29, 2023 Bobbie Malatesta
3-21 NoKiddin' Gambling Addiction Recovery Podcast
My Biggest Mistake
Show Notes

"Day 5 of the #Fearless30Challenge: “Biggest Mistake I Ever Made"

Today I am supposed to share with you the biggest mistake I ever made.  This is hard for me for 2 major reasons:

1-The list is too big for me to name just one

2-I no longer view mistakes as mistakes, but instead new milestones on my journey, to learn and grow from.

Since I want to be complete in this challenge, I will share a HUGE MINDSET MISTAKE I made 4 years ago that could have cost me the 3-21 No Kiddin plan.  

When I left my day job in 2020 to work full time on my dream, I thought I could learn what I needed to, execute and make the money and do the things needed to launch my $50 million dollar vision… WRONG!!!  

What I have learned the past 4 years is that I can’t do everything, I can’t learn everything, I don’t know the solution to everything, nor  do I have the time for all of the things!

The last few months I have decided that I will build an AWESOME ARMY… ( Love that as a tribe name 😉)  We are building a Facebook group that will be dedicated to the volunteers that want to help with the movement of changing how we do Recovery & Life.  

If you are interested in being part, please let me know!

It was actually quite selfish of me to try to keep the mission to myself.  Although I know it is still my responsibility, I am going to enlist the help of others who want to give back, who are in recovery and those who have skill sets that I don’t have.

This will help 3-21 No Kiddin become the MAGIC initiative it is meant to be! Sooooo, it has become clear-

Thinking I could do it alone was my BIGGEST Mistake!


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