3-21 NoKiddin' Gambling Addiction Recovery Podcast

I Invite You To Ponder This Conversation ( Warning- its a bit dark)

June 03, 2023 Bobbie Malatesta
3-21 NoKiddin' Gambling Addiction Recovery Podcast
I Invite You To Ponder This Conversation ( Warning- its a bit dark)
Show Notes

"Day 10 of the #Fearless30Challenge: Why I do What I do…

Today, I want to fearlessly share with you why I do what I do:  

I am driven by a deep sense of purpose and passion for recovery, mental wellness &  life options.  It fuels my every action, motivates me to go the extra mile, and reminds me of the impact I can make in the lives of others.

I KNOW  that this is my mission and it  will impact the world and save lives.  I believe that everything that has happened in my life and is happening, is for this purpose. This belief propels me forward, inspires me to overcome obstacles, and pushes me to continuously strive for excellence.

I am committed to redefining recovery and expanding the choices to achieve it.  

 I am committed to teaching adults how to play again

I am committed to reaching those who have been discarded, ignored or who have given up on themselves.

I am committed to making the world a better place for my beautiful niece and the army of others that haven’t been shown all that is POSSIBLE!  

The ones who can’t dream outside crime, addiction, darkness, abuse and all the other things that are causing depression, suicide, cutting, addictions and anxiety.

I am committed to figuring out how to make it all work by  being the big mouth, mistake making, risk taking advocate that does things differently than they have been done before… no matter how hard it gets… no matter how many people say I can’t and no matter how much I feel like just can’t crack the code on making it come together.

I won’t be doing it alone.  There are many of you out there that want the same things.  When we UNITE and start working together, it WILL happen!

I invite you to fearlessly reflect on your own why. What drives you? What ignites your passion?

Embrace it, nurture it, and let it guide you towards a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Together, let's fearlessly pursue our why and create a meaningful impact that reverberates far beyond ourselves.

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