3-21 NoKiddin' Gambling Addiction Recovery Podcast

My Biggest Belief in Helping People in Addiction & Changing the World!

May 27, 2023 Bobbie Malatesta Episode 3
3-21 NoKiddin' Gambling Addiction Recovery Podcast
My Biggest Belief in Helping People in Addiction & Changing the World!
Show Notes

"Day 3 of the #Fearless30Challenge: I believe these 3 things will help millions of people have better lives..

I fearlessly declare my unwavering belief that help  for millions of people impacted by addiction is possible with these 3 things… 

I haven’t always felt this way and my recovery journey filled with inspiring mentors, informative connections and my evolving faith have changed my perspective on this and so much more.

These 3 facets have helped me become a better human, leader, recovery ambassador and will help us make an impact on people struggling with addiction, folks who are without homes and living on the streets,  and essentially any human we come into contact with.


Using these 2 premises to allow people to be, including myself has changed my spirit, my relationships, my work life and everything related to people.

Instead of my Addictude taking over and judging,  I can offer empathy and support to others.

#2- LOVE

Love- unconditionally, even when it may seem hard is the biggest gift we can give ourselves and others.  Love not only saves us from being in hate and negativity, but spreads a ripple larger than we can imagine.


The last few years have taught me that I can’t do my mission alone.  It would take me a few lifetimes to learn all I need to know about fundraising, addiction, recovery strategies, business owning, people, cultures, and all the other components that are need to make my mission possible.

There is a story I heard recently about the Clydesdale horses… Separately they can pull 8000 pounds, HOWEVER, two together can pull 32,000.  This is how business and life work.

In a world where conformity often takes precedence, I choose to stand boldly in my belief in these 3 premises and their execution to make the world better, and I refuse to be silenced or swayed by doubt or criticism.


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